General terms used throughout the program and SDK.

Marketplace Authority

The entity in control of the marketplace (e.g. game developer) that has the keys to mint new items and manage assets.

Item Id

All items on Carbon use an itemId that uniquely identifies them. For virtual (unminted) items, use the toItemId helper method to convert a unique string that you use to identify your item in your ecosystem. The byte length of your string must not exceed 32 bytes. For minted items, use the mint pubkey's buffer.

import {toItemId} from "@raresloth/carbon-sdk";

type MyItem = {
    id: string; // unique id in game's ecosystem
    mint?: string; // mint address of the item if already minted

function getCarbonId(item: MyItem): number[] {
    return item.mint ?
        Array.from(new PublicKey(item.mint).toBuffer()) :


The marketplace authority can have custody over an NFT in order to transfer it, list it, etc. via an off-chain trigger. This simply means a Custody Account has been initialized for the NFT and has delegate permissions on the NFT.

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